Welcome to Embracing Autism!

Embracing Autism was founded in 2011 to help families in Central Ohio support children and adults with autism. We believe that training specific to autism is essential in creating a solid and long-lasting foundation for individuals with this developmental disability. Embracing Autism caregivers are professionally certified through a PATHS (Professional Advancement through Training & Education in Human Services) multi-level program so each employee is educated in providing top-quality support.

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Our Training

This training was created in collaboration with PATHS (Professional Advancement through Training and Education in Human Services) and Embracing Autism and provides general education on autism, as well as tools that can help create successful work environment when working with individuals on the spectrum or other developmental disabilities. Geared more towards working with adults with autism, this training will address how to coach and support individuals in tasks relating to their daily lives. Register here for training in your area!